Instructions for filling out the application form


Filling out the application starts with registering to the service. Anyone who registered for last year’s application round can use the same login information again.

When registering, applicants must enter their basic information (name, address, etc.), choose a user ID and a password, and choose the type of grant to be applied for: Eka Grant, Encouragement Grant, Research Grant, Returning Researcher Grant or Research Group Founder Grant . NOTE: Only one type of grant can be applied for. 

The system will send a confirmation of registration to the applicant’s email address. 

Registration is only done once. For subsequent visits to the service, applicants should login with the information chosen during registration.

Filling out the application

During registration, the system creates a blank grant application for the applicant. This application can be filled out after logging in. Pages can be filled out in any order and information may be amended or changed later. 
Before moving from one page to the next, data must be saved from the Save button at the bottom of the page. 
Fields for Summary, Background, Goal, Execution and Current Stage have maximum character limits shown under each field. Fields can be filled out by typing or pasting text. NOTE: Pasting text will remove any formatting such as bolding or italics.

For Research Group Founder Grant applicants

Research Group Founder Grant applications have two different pages:

  • Basic information (Perustiedot)
  • Research plan (Tutkimussuunnitelma)

Basic information includes the research plan, basic information about the research plan such as name and summary, and the Grant amount being applied for. Note: Data must be saved using the Save (Tallenna)button before moving to another page.

The research plan page is for uploading the research plan in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. The uploaded research plan must include the following sections:

  1. Research plan (Tutkimussuunnitelma), max. 10 page
  2. List of publications (Julkaisuluettelo
  3. Curriculum vitae (Ansioluettelo), max. 3 page
  4. Cost estimate and funding plan (Kustannusarvio ja rahoitussuunnitelma)

The research plan may be uploaded as many times as desired during the application period, and the new file will always overwrite the previous version.

The research plan is uploaded as follows:

  1. Press Browse (Selaa)  button on the page
  2. Choose desired file from the file window that appears
  3. Close file window with the Open (Avaa) button
  4. Save file with the Save (Tallenna) button on the page

After the research plan has been uploaded, the research plan page will show when the research plan was last uploaded and include links for opening and removing the uploaded research plan.

Incomplete application

You can leave the application incomplete and amend it later, but remember to log out of the system (upper right hand corner of the form). Logging out should be done every time, especially when using the service from a shared computer.

Completed application

When the application is complete, mark it as DONE (VALMIS). After this you cannot change the application. The final application will be the one saved on our server at 23:59 (11:59 PM) on the last day of the application period. 

In problem situations you can contact Jari Hakkola jari.hakkola a or Marketta Kaunisto info a 

Hardware and software requirements

Using the Grant Service requires an Internet browser. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 8.0 or newer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. We recommend you always use the latest version of a browser. 
The service can be used on any operating system with a version of one of the aforementioned browsers available.